Hello, and thank you for visiting my page!  I am an author, Speech Language Pathologist, wife, daughter, and mother and it is very difficult to juggle even just a few of the pieces of who I am and look like I know what I am doing.  Can you relate?

Author is the new piece of the puzzle that I have added.  I am an imperfect Christian who was nudged to write about my perfect God.  The wonderful part is, He isn’t requiring us to be perfect to be beautiful in His eyes.  We don’t even require smooth edges in order for all of the pieces to fit together.  He is able to clearly see the completed picture the brushstrokes of our life creates even if we can’t discern the blots from the splatters.

This blog is to discuss our identity as children of God, how much God loves us,  how much He desires us to be protected by wearing His armor, and what He wants us to learn from Him and from each other.

Many Blessings!