A Righteous Life

 We are made righteous in Him..

We are made righteous in Him..

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matt. 6:33) NIV

8 thoughts on “A Righteous Life

  1. “When I first put on Jesus’ righteousness, it slipped on like a silk dress that form fitted to my soul.  It is light weight with the strength of a thousand Kevlar vests that will extinguish anything that the enemy will throw.  “. Beautiful imagery!

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  2. “I tried so hard to earn my worldview of myself through the lens of other people and in turn became susceptible to their whims and own insecurities.”

    This really resonated with me. I realized a while ago that when I share a story or perform an action and look for people’s reactions, I really have no solid way to infer approval, because who knows if they’re tired or distracted or not really themselves in that moment. So why look to them for approval anyway?

    Look to God.

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    1. Amen, Brandon. Living like this is so exhausting. I wasted so many years carrying everyone else’s idea of me and finally realized everyone else is so busy with their own worlds that defining me was not on their to-do list. Looking for God’s approval is so freeing. He created us so it should be natural that we seek His approval, not mans. Thank you for this wonderful comment.

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