What Do You Fear?

Is the world today causing you to be afraid?  Do you know what the anecdote to fear is?

Is the world today causing you to be afraid? Do you know what the anecdote to fear is?

Are you afraid? Does it seem like our world is cracking and crumbling at its very foundation? Between the natural disasters and human disasters, it can feel like we are hurtling into a formless abyss with no end in sight.

A friend once told me that fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real.  I love this because right now we have an enemy among us who is celebrating the trials and violence that is hitting us in quick succession.  He dances at our division and laughs at our fear.  He claps at the catastrophes and cackles when we cower.  He is loving all that is happening in and around our country and steps in to make sure what is divided between us will stay divided and what fears we carry will be locked inside for an eternity.  We can not let him do this to us.

Our enemy is the great accuser and is looking up to God saying, “See, not one among your beloved creation is listening to your voice right now.  I am the voice of fear they hear and abide by, and I refuse to let them see otherwise.”

Our fear is his potion that plants our feet where they stand.  Also, our refusal to acknowledge the part he plays in keeping us fearful is his greatest tactic.  Credit is not what he seeks.  Success is what he seeks.  He can’t be successful if we know who the author of fear is. He will do whatever it takes to keep the veil firmly placed over our eyes.

Ever since I have started publicly writing for God, I have felt attacked at every turn.  He has been throwing every life stress in my direction which have kept my fingers idle and off of the keyboard.  When our days are whittled down into seconds, our health is being compromised, when family and marital stress is at its peak, and when life outside of our four walls is beyond our capability to understand, he lets our fears simmer into a soup that takes hold of us until our vision becomes very small and very skewed.

I pray and pray for God’s armor to cover my family and yours.  Satan’s playing field just seems to be growing bigger and bigger allowing fear to seemingly form mountains that surround us.  His evidence appears real, but God has something to say about that.

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”(Joshua 1:9) NLT

We can’t let him win by letting fear color our vision.  We see the chaos, but it isn’t occurring without the Creator of the World seeing as well.  Our God is not immune to our fear.  He says to call on Him, rely on Him, give it to Him, and love Him.  Fear has an anecdote and His name is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Rays of light are everywhere and they start with us believing that Jesus is above all of this and he’s got this—He’s got us.  We can shine in this dark place through our love and trust in Him.  We can boldly tell our enemy his days are numbered and soon to expire.  We become fearless when we stop looking around and start looking up.  The moment we hang on to Jesus’ robe, humble ourselves at His feet, and give our fear to Him to leave at the cross, He is then able to restore our hope, guide our path, and lead us to victory because He loves us without end.

I will not give up writing.  I will not give up on my family in difficult times.  I will not let his veil cover my head because I serve a God who gave me eyes to see.  I see you Satan, and you will not keep me from pursuing my God, His Son, and His will.  The Holy Spirit is within us and will not be silenced.  It will shine and spread until the rays of light form a continuous band that leads others to the path of righteousness.  Jesus is our victory and has always been our victory even before the first sin was sewn.

In Jesus precious name I pray.