God’s Got This!

Our hurt is temporary, but He is forever.

Our hurt is temporary, but He is forever.

“No one who denies the Son has the Father, whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” (John 2:23)

I have been off of work for several weeks now due to health issues. It can be frustrating when your mind and heart would like to do things, but your body says, “No way!”

I’ve been really relying on my armor because in our weakest times, our enemy likes to kick us when we are down. Can you relate? I’ve had to push aside thoughts of being useless, a burden, a bad mother and wife, and unworthy of love. The enemy has nicked me a few times, but that made me quickly realize I forgot to ask Jesus for His protection.

Moses had a speech issue, and Paul had health issues. We all carry a burden of one kind or another, but I hang my hope on John 2:23. We have the Son and we have the Father. What could be greater than that?

Whatever your troubles are today, don’t let the enemy take you down because you carry the promise from the savior and creator of the universe saying, “I’ve got you!” Looking at life through that lens makes everything else seem small. We are never alone and we are never forgotten. We are His child cupped inside of His hands.

These troubles will fade away, and a perfect place is our eternity. Until then, He gave us each other to lift up and encourage. We’ve got this because He’s got us. I pray for your comfort and peace in His promises today.

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