What Would Be Your Answer if Jesus Came Today?

What small thing could you do to change someone’s life?

What small thing could you do to change someone’s life?

“And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming” (1 John 2:28).

If Jesus came today, what worry that you are holding onto would be erased in an instant? Would it even matter anymore?

If Jesus came today, would you be able to tell Him about the people you pointed His way?

If Jesus came today, would you be confident or ashamed in how you are living your life for Him?

I read this verse today, and it really convicted me. I love my Savior, but how often is our time, talents, and treasures used for this world instead of pointing others to Him?

Not everyone is called to mission work or preaching. God gave each of us our own unique personality and strengths because they serve a very big purpose in His kingdom. We just need to pray to Him if we are unsure of what that is and ask for opportunities to present themselves where we can help. The best thing we can do is just be willing. He will open our eyes to those who are lost and provide ways we can love them and show them the love of Christ.

It may be as simple as providing a meal, raking someone’s leaves, offering an ear when someone seems like they are hurting, or inviting someone to church.

I was lost and searching until a friend invited me to church. That was all it took. My heart was ready to hear the truth, and God used my friend to get me to a place to hear it. She was open and willing to do what God asked, and my soul was saved.

Let’s not be ashamed when Christ comes but be confident we are loving people and pointing them towards His kingdom. We are His hands and feet. We just have to be willing to use them.

2 thoughts on “What Would Be Your Answer if Jesus Came Today?

  1. I do believe in the rapture soon, and I’ve tried to both live and minister so that He is glorified and people see a reason to believe. What I’ve done is consciously cut out lot of self-indulgent things, obsessive entertainment or whatever but God let me know I should NOT compromise on having the desires of my heart, but to be very specific what I let into my life. I think many have good goals but get cuaght up in the worldly fun and pressures. I really watch what pressures me and cut out things to a minimum. This world is blinding people from their good senses.

    1. Well said. Our busy lives make it so easy to focus on what seems so important today but forgotten tomorrow. Cutting out the unnecessary distractions is key. Our world makes us believe everything we are busying ourselves with is necessary and important, so it can be hard to see what we should cut out. That is definitely something to pray about.

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