Created From Dust-God Makes All Things New.

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

I write like I dance,

My arms wide open-in a trance.

I now seek Your will be done,

Mine? Too much I have found,

To be empty, uninspired, and dead.

Yours, the kingship, the true head

Will be my lighted flame,

And no more will I blame

For Your hand I do hold,

Shedding all of the old.

As I rest my eyes upon you,

Wiping my heart free of the dew

Settling in the depths of my soul

Growing colder as I grow old.

Because my eyes and spirit dimmed

While coveting my whims,

Leaving me shivering in the cold

So to you, I give my spirit old.

For your eyes see,

What mine never will.

Your heart forever beats,

When mine sits still.

Your hand opens and extends,

The moment my grasp ends.

Your love gives and empowers,

Where mine hides and cowers.

And your words give eternal life,

Where mine speak only of strife.

You are perfect and just-

Creating me from dust.

So to you, Jesus, I ask,

Make me new, so I can dance,

Live, and write for You

To glorify my Lord,

Who wiped away the dew.

We Can Never Dream Bigger Than Our God

I am in the beginning stages of writing my new book.  I know the topic, the basic outline, and thought I knew the book in the Bible I wanted to use.  I had it down to two.  I then decided to pray over the ideas I had swirling in my head, and God rejected both of my ideas.  He said Psalms.

Really?  Psalms?  It’s one of the largest books in the Bible.  OK, God.  One particular Psalm?

No, all of Psalms.

Le sigh.

I have learned that God expects so much more out of us than we do.  I think He wants to push us to our limits, so when get to the edge of the cliff, we have no other choice but to trust Him.

The topic of the book is being a mess.  It is something I relate to very well and often look up to God and wonder, how do you still love me?  Have I done enough yet to make you think twice?  Remember, God, that thing I promised I wouldn’t do but did, how can you still trust me?  When will my lovability rub off and run dry?

His answer?  Never.

I am on a journey to discover how I can embrace this.  How we can embrace this.  And you know what?  God is right.  Psalms is a great place to land when it comes to our messes.

Did you know Spurgeon said out of 219 quotes from the Old Testament cited in the New Testament, 116 are from Psalms?!

OK, God.  I am trusting you.  I can’t out-dream you.  I am the one who trips and fails-not you.  To Him I give my mess, to Him I give my words, and to Him I give my hope.

To Him be the glory.