Who Are You Inviting Over For Coffee: The enemy or God?

Enemy: You are so ugly.  No one can stand to look at you.

God:  You are one of my most beautiful and precious creations.

Enemy:  You are nothing.  Why do you even try?  You know you will fail anyway.

God:  Put your complete faith and trust in me, seek my will, and we can accomplish anything.

Enemy:  You know no one likes you.  That is why you are always alone.

God:  I never leave your side.  I’ve known every square inch of you before you were even born.  I will never leave you no matter how many times you try to push me away.  You are never alone.

Enemy:  You know you struggle with temptation because you are weak.  Other people can handle it.  What is wrong with you?

God:  In me you draw your strength.  When burdens overtake you, temptations trap you, and fear surrounds you on all sides, remember who I am.  I created the Earth and the stars.  I’ve caught every one of your tears and witnessed the results of your shame.  I gave you my Son so you wouldn’t have to carry that anymore.  Put your hand in mine and taste the freedom you have been missing.

Whose voice do you listen to on a daily basis?  Which one is your ever-present companion? It is not the circumstances of our lives that need to change. It is the conversations we are allowing to run through our minds.

If the enemy and God were standing right before you, who would you invite to your table for coffee? Whose advice would you like to hear about your worries, fears, aspirations, and future?

When the whisper in your mind derails you, berates you, shames you, isolates you, and creates fear, pay attention, and be on guard.  Ask God to remove the lies and replace them with His truths.  Both God and the enemy can not share the same space for your attention.

One voice is a liar.  The other voice is a life-giver.  Be as cautious as you would when inviting someone into your home. In the same way, be just as cautious as the words you invite into your life.  Words have power.  Let God breathe His truths into your spirit.  He is waiting for you to clear your schedule, hear His knock, and accept your invitation for coffee at your table.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You Inviting Over For Coffee: The enemy or God?

  1. It’s so true, there are dialogues in our head, heart like that! Thanks for the look at our realities. For several mos been reading book by Kenneth Hagin on telling the voice of the flesh, God or the devil, it’s revolutionized my life past few months. God’s still small voice is ever present in us to pull up if we ask Him –

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