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My name is Crista Crawford, and this is a picture of me with my wonderful husband, Rod.  We were attending a dinner because I was one of the recipients of the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.  It was a great honor but as my mind tends to work, I looked around at the room of amazing educators and thought to myself, “Do I really belong?”  Spiritual warfare loves to happen anywhere and at anytime—even when receiving awards!  We belong where God puts us, so why do we question?  I am very proud to be an educator and love the education I receive daily from the witty, authentic, and talented students that I serve.

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and Reading Specialist and love what I do.  I started practicing 20 years ago, and I have a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Arts in Education degree with an Emphasis in Reading.  I  work in a middle school—the very place that I spent the most traumatic years of my life (as I am sure most of you have as well).  We survived somehow, and I feel a huge part of my job is helping my students survive it too through gaining a little perspective on the purpose of their middle school years as compared to the rest of their life.

With all of the education that I have received, none has been greater than the wisdom I have gained when I made the decision to pick up my cross and follow Jesus.  Through marriage, divorce, remarriage, loss, hurt, and fear the one thing that has always stayed the same is the love and guidance I receive from my Father.  I learned the benefits of following Him and felt the fallout when I didn’t.  He let me experience these pains and accepted me with open arms when I admitted I was wrong.  Love and forgiveness are amazing gifts.

I am a mother of two and stepmother of four.  We have Noah’s Arc with two guinea pigs, two cats, and two dogs.  I wouldn’t change it for the world even though Rod grew up in the country and believes all animals should be outside.  I grew up in the city and feel all animals should sleep in our bed.  We compromised and all animals are in the house, but none are allowed to sleep with us.  My cat Sir Lancelot has yet to accept this arrangement since now his bed is being overtaken by a human.  He’s forgiven Rod, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to use Mission Impossible moves to break into our bedroom.

Thank you so much for reading!  Together, let’s get armed properly so we are able to fully live the life that God intended for us to live.  He is waiting and desiring for us to make the decision to step into His protection.   Are you tired of listening to the lies of the deceiver?  I know I am.  I want to listen to my Father, and there is no time better than the present!

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