A Little Bit About Me…

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My expertise is not because I am a pastor, theologian, or a Bible scholar.  My training comes from sinning, falling on my face, wondering the purpose of my life, and for years pushing through with my own will only to end up nowhere…

In the 5th grade, my teacher Mrs. Topitzes told me I was a writer.  What a powerful gift teachers yield when breathing life and purpose into a child.

I knew from that point forward I would write a book, but life wandered on without the slightest hint of what to write.  Instead, I wrote to God.  Letter after letter is under my bed professing my heart and my pain.  Why was life so hard? 

Little did I know God already knew the subject of my book while in the fifth grade.  He waited for me to stop living life only for myself and start living for Him.  He waitied for me to see Him.

I am a mother of two and stepmother of four with a Noah’s Ark of two guinea pigs, two cats, and two dogs. My husband grew up in the country, and he believes all animals should live outside. I grew up in the city and feel all animals should live inside. We compromised. The animals live indoors, but none can sleep in our bed.

Thank you so much for reading!  Together, let’s get armed properly so we are able to live the life that God intended for us to live.  He is waiting and desiring for us to make the decision to step into His protection.

Are you tired of listening to the lies of the deceiver?  I know I am.  I want to listen to my Father, and there is no time better than the present!



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