Blog-Writings from an Imperfect Christian

The Potter’s Clay

My mother’s life ending is her true beginning. Continue reading The Potter’s Clay

Light a Flame

It only takes one willing flame to light someone’s life. Continue reading Light a Flame

Through the Storm

Let your lamb turn into an immortal fawn. Continue reading Through the Storm

The Dreaded Weather: Fibromyalgia’s Nemesis

Fibromyalgia and bad weather do not play nice together. Continue reading The Dreaded Weather: Fibromyalgia’s Nemesis

The Battleground

Is your life hectic? Then take a moment and be still. Continue reading The Battleground

The Sword of the Spirit

Let dust collect on metal, but never let it collect on you Bible. Continue reading The Sword of the Spirit

The Shield of Faith

What is your shield made out of? Continue reading The Shield of Faith

Shoes of Peace

Choose the shoes that walk over your adversity. Continue reading Shoes of Peace

The War is Won

Why do we keep fighting a war that has already been won by Jesus? Continue reading The War is Won


Hello, and thank you for visiting my page!  I am an author, Speech Language Pathologist, wife, daughter, and mother and it is very difficult to juggle even just a few of the pieces of who I am and look like I know what I am doing.  Can you relate? Author is the new piece of the puzzle … Continue reading Welcome!