Tired of wondering when the onslaught of battles you face daily will ease up? Do you feel as soon as you overcome one hurdle, another one is just up ahead? God did not leave you on this side of Eden to succumb to the worries and fears our broken world throws at you daily. He provides specific gear to battle through these storms while still feeling unimaginable joy. The enemy wants you to believe it's not possible, but Jesus makes everything possible. You must decide to either wear Christ's protection or allow the enemy an unobstructed path to your heart.   The Workbook Companion for The Full Armor of God delves deeper into your understanding of just how important it is to fully dress each morning in the protection and love of Christ. You were not left defenseless on this side of heaven, but many of us leave our homes each day oblivious to the landmines that are waiting. These questions are designed to help you look inside yourself to determine what distractions, fears, and obstacles are in your way forcing you to leave your home each day unprotected.


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