Jesus at a Concert

6 thoughts on “Jesus at a Concert”

  1. Ha ha ha ….. I just laughed with you as you ‘assessed’ others, don’t we all! But I know the heartache for those we see as being troubled! I’ve prayed for others like that too and sometimes seen God come around. Thanks for this, it was almost one of my fave’s ever!

    1. Thank you so much!! Imagine a world where everyone prayed for the people they came in contact with. So much could get accomplished. πŸ™‚

  2. Its so interesting how we can interpret other’s demeanor from our own perspectives. I always form an image of what a person looks like from their voice on the radio…I always get it completely wrong in what the actual person truly looks like! Lol!

    I’m a people watcher too, of course being a behavioral therapist it goes with the territory!
    How wonderful to see the Holy Spirit at work in such amazing ways Crista!

    1. Jennifer, I rarely get it right! Especially the radio voices. We recently went to a concert hosted by our local Christian radio station, and no one looked like I thought they would. It’s fascinating!!

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