Light a Flame

John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.


Flick. Flick. Flick. Tshh.

When the lights go out from a storm and someone lights a match, where do you think all of the people in the room will look?  They will look towards the light.

It doesn’t matter how big or expansive the room is, how beautifully decorated or expensive the antiques are because when it is dark, everyone craves the light.

With the small diameter of space now lit from the match, people can make out the faces of their loved ones who are sitting near the dancing flame.  If you are far from the flame, most likely you will gravitate closer to its ability to illuminate the blackness.  No one wants to stand in the dark alone.

As everyone draws closer, their expressions can easily be read and a sense of stability of where your body is in space is reassuring.  All of the people you care about are now within your visual proximity.  The forgotten luxuries of the room stay forgotten when darkness claims their space.

Do you sometimes feel spiritual darkness when you go about your day?  Maybe it’s in your place of work, when you are talking with a friend who is not a believer, or maybe when you walk into a room and feel the heaviness of a seemingly hopeless situation.  If you have experienced this before, you can practically feel the lead weight of the cloak draping the room and be discouraged into thinking there is little you can do to change the circumstances.  The thing is with Christ we have a burning eternal flame within us.  It doesn’t matter how shadowed the climate may feel because even with the tiniest of flames, the darkness will flee.

When people are not walking in the light, where do you think they will look?  They will look at the burning flame of the fruits of your spirit: your love, your joy, your peace, your patience, your kindness, your goodness, and your faithfulness.  Without even saying a word, your light will be a beacon for people to gravitate towards.

Some will do whatever they can to squash your flame, some will hold up their hands to block the light from their eyes, but some will come.  Regardless, no one can ignore the existence of your light, but they do have a choice as to whether they want to walk towards it or away from it.  Their decision initially may be to walk away, and that is okay.  Keep shining your light because one day they may get tired of hiding in cold shadows and want the light that you have.  Then you can tip your candle to light their wick and that is how we will light the world with Christ’s love.  One small candle can light a piece of a room, but many lit candles will illuminate the whole space.  We can never underestimate what God can do with the match that Christ burns in us, so don’t give up—keep on shining.

5 thoughts on “Light a Flame

  1. Excellent post! All we need to do is let God shine in and through us. I like how you said that when we do that, the world will be drawn to the light–Jesus. Thanks for sharing!

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