One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Psalm 5:8, “Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow” (NLT).

Do you dance?  Do you dance free-form or prefer the structure of the do-si-do?

I’m more of a free-former.  My arms and legs go wherever the music takes me.  This probably looked more attractive in my younger years, I’m sure.  Even so, it is still my preferred method of moving to the beat.

Sometimes, doesn’t it feel like life is making you dance and you don’t hear any music?  I run forward, I step sideways, I curve to the side with my hand on my forehead, and I jump to avoid the holes.  I’m unintentionally free-forming, and it’s not a pretty sight.

There have been times recently I have felt like I was on fire for Christ and moving forward in my walk with Him by honoring God with what He was asking me to do, and then I’m clothes-lined staring up at the sky wondering what just happened.  I went from marching to Christ’s beat to lying flat on my back.  This can be so frustrating.

I have to be reminded still that God didn’t say our roads would be straight without any curves or unexpected hits.  Our enemy is keenly aware of which roads we decided to take, and the more we choose the path of Christ, the more clotheslines and camouflaged pits we will encounter along the way.

Ever notice how someone who isn’t walking in the Word doesn’t seem to have as many of these awkward dance moves? Jumping, side-stepping, neck craning, moves?  It may appear that way, but it won’t last forever.

I may be lying on my back from Satan who is trying to deter my walk with Christ, but God gave me a friend’s hand recently that helped me back up.  I love God’s timing.  He let me lie there for a while to learn from this experience before offering me this hand, and I am grateful for both.

We may be awkward dancers on our paths heading toward Heaven, but dancing to the beat of anyone but Christ’s drummer will be a mistake.  There are many hands willing to pick you up.  Here, take mine.  I may need yours someday, too.




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