Memes for Christ: Are You Warm or Cold?


I’ve discovered the meme generator and found a new outlet to add to my desire to praise and worship our amazing God.  It’s another creative expression whereby I can choose pictures to capture the words on my heart.  I am entitling all of my generated memes, “Thoughts of Him.”

I’ve been feeling led lately to read and study Revelation.  I normally would run from this book, but I’ve always known it was said all who read will be blessed.  I need to hear what God is speaking to me through His Word.  That is how this meme came to be:

2 thoughts on “Memes for Christ: Are You Warm or Cold?

  1. I’ve grown to love Revelation, there’s so much in it. Thx for your msg, it’s helping me as I write a particular blog entry! Blessings!

    1. Thank you! Revelation is very interesting. I am enjoying what God is teaching me. I guess my brain is now ready to receive what He wants me to understand. Blessings on your blog entry!

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