Peace-Who Wants It, and How Do We Get It?

I am tired of giving my peace away-aren't you?

I am tired of giving my peace away-aren’t you?

I search for peace day and night.  I can tell when it eludes me because I begin to feel anxious and my thoughts are jumping over multiple tracks never landing on the one that will bring me peace.

Trying to catch a lightning bug across a yard after his light goes out is easier to do than catching peace. My peace escaped through my fingers recently because I’ve taken the worries of the world upon myself again and left God out.

Why is this so easy to do? I am able to slip back into this pattern so effortlessly that it materializes undetected.  The increments are so tiny by which they occur, a turtle could pass faster than my sliding.

The last few days I have let life take over, it has a funny way of doing that, so my soul thirsts for what I’ve lost—my peace.  I sat down with God’s Word this morning with this heavy on my heart.  Truthfully, when I open His Word I sometimes think, “Wow, that is just what I needed,” or “God, I’m not really sure I get what you are saying here,” or simply, “Huh?”

When we read the same scripture multiple times, what was once a, “Huh?” can turn into a “Wow!” Those days are the best days.

Proverbs 3:17, “Her ways (wisdom’s ways) are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.” NIV

The first time I read this, I had a neutral response. I thought, “Okay,” and went on to read the subsequent verses.  Since really soaking up Proverbs this last month and gaining understanding that wisdom develops by fearing (revering) the Lord, I read this verse again with my peace hanging out to dry and thought, “Wow! I get it!”

Our peace is interwoven with reading His Word every day. When we do, we take up the sword of God’s armor which is the only offensive piece we are given. Might I add, it is the only piece that is needed.  His piece brings peace.

Without God’s sword, we are merely accepting the hits of life and standing there taking them one by one.

Pick up your sword found in the pages of the Word of God, revere Him, learn His truths, and the author of peace and wisdom will erase every other track that does not belong in your life and reveal the only one that does.

In order to gain peace, we need to gain God.  The choice is ours.  We can either allow life to continue serving uppercuts, or we can utilize the gift of God’s sword.

He is the author of peace, so why do we try to read self-help books or any other book to find it?  Why try to catch a lightning bug a yard away when there is one right by your side?  His light never goes out.  We just need to be willing to catch it.

20 thoughts on “Peace-Who Wants It, and How Do We Get It?

          1. Oh, go girl!! My brother and sister in law are PE teachers, and they stay super busy during the start of school. What grade do you teach? 🙂 I know you have to be a great Mom and teacher because of how your posts teach! 😉 Oh, good! We all look forward to it.

            1. What a blessing you are to me tonight! I am a speech-language pathologist for students 5th through 8th grade. Let me tell you, they teach me something new every day! They are pretty awesome kids!!

              1. Aw, I’m just glad to be a help! It’s great talking with you. 😀 Oh wow, that’s such a great thing you do! That sounds like such a difficult job, but I’m so glad God has blessed us with teachers like you. Aw, that’s so sweet! 😀 I know that people sometimes look down on kids with speaking issues; I once had problems myself. It’s great that God shows that each child is so special with very brilliant minds. 🙂 We all have problems, and bless the hearts that help us overcome them! If I may ask: How long have you been a teacher?

                1. This is my 20th year. I work with articulation, fluency, language impairments, developmental disabilities, social language, and I’m also a reading specialist. My first few years were rough, but God made me stay put kicking and screaming. I look up to Him ever day and thank Him. You are so right. He gave each one of us special gifts to help one another. I know you are blessing people daily.

                  1. That’s terrific; you’ve been doing that for so long! What a list! 😀 You work with a variety of things then. This may be a weird question, but: What’s your most favorite thing to work with? Haha, God is great like that for sure; when we want to quit, He pushes us to keep going! Amen, that is the way to true joy and peace right there. 🙂 He is amazing! Aw, well thank you! I pray I do! I’ve been praying about my future career goals, and have had being a Pre-K teacher on my heart for awhile now. I know that you’re a different teacher than that, but I feel that maybe God has sent me teachers like you to talk to about leading kids. 🙂 I think it’s another encouragement in His leading. ;(

                    1. Yes!! We need great Pre-K teachers. If God is nudging you to go in that direction, then my advice to you is listen and follow. God has a funny way of not giving up on His nudging. Pray for His will, be obedient, and He will take care of the rest. He may already have a specific child in mind that He would like you to touch. You will be the first line of defense in a child’s desire to develop the love for learning and there is no greater role. That is wonderful!

                    2. Aw, thank you so very much! This was such a great encouragement and inspiration for me today. 😀 That He does! I really appreciate that thought, for I absolutely needed it today! <3 I will pray for you as you continue to touch young lives! You're a blessing, my friend. 🙂

                    3. You are as well! Many blessings to you as you take this time to search for answers that only He has. He’s got this and so do you. I’ll be praying over your journey. Good night and God Bless!!

  1. You remind us that God is interested in our minds and emotions as well as our souls! That’s how you respond and we need to remember to give all ourselves to Him –

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