A Prayer For Those in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

You will never leave us nor forsake us.  A Prayer For Those in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

You will never leave us nor forsake us. A Prayer For Those in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Dear Lord,

Your promise is that you will never leave us nor forsake us. You said we are your beloved whom you were willing to give up your life on the cross so we could live. I hold on to these truths and picture your whole hand hovering over Florida and the surrounding areas. I know this hurricane is just a puff of air against your mighty power and you could stop it with a single word—but it remains.

As humans, we will always wonder why because it is our natural inclination and desire to possess the same understanding that you have. That comes from the very first humans ever created who ate what you asked them not to. Our desire to be all knowing is still plaguing our humanity today.

I turn to you because even at the time of your death, all seemed lost for the apostles who watched and wondered if giving up their lives to follow you was for nothing. They felt fearful and hopeless, but just as your unfair arrest, trial, and death seemed to be the end to all who called you Lord and Master, you were the only one who truly knew its purpose.

I trust in your wisdom and knowledge and give over my worries, doubts, and concerns as my family and so many other families were unable to evacuate before the storm arrived. Because of your promises, I know, Lord, that you are standing by them and will continue to be with them until this fury passes. I feel your arm around their neighbors, surrounding cities, and throughout the affected areas because you will never leave us even when all can seem lost. I know you are comforting the families who are seeing the destruction of the wake for the first time and in disbelief that their house is no longer standing. You are in this storm, through this storm, and over this storm and prepared us ahead of the storm even before the evening news had a hint of the winds to come.

In this I hand over to you the present and future of the people affected by the unknown because you are all knowing—not us. Love, keep, protect, and give your peace that transcends our limited understanding to all who seek your comfort. Thank you for your promises, and thank you for holding us in your hands.

In your precious name I pray,


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