What Would Be Your Answer if Jesus Came Today?

2 thoughts on “What Would Be Your Answer if Jesus Came Today?”

  1. I do believe in the rapture soon, and I’ve tried to both live and minister so that He is glorified and people see a reason to believe. What I’ve done is consciously cut out lot of self-indulgent things, obsessive entertainment or whatever but God let me know I should NOT compromise on having the desires of my heart, but to be very specific what I let into my life. I think many have good goals but get cuaght up in the worldly fun and pressures. I really watch what pressures me and cut out things to a minimum. This world is blinding people from their good senses.

    1. Well said. Our busy lives make it so easy to focus on what seems so important today but forgotten tomorrow. Cutting out the unnecessary distractions is key. Our world makes us believe everything we are busying ourselves with is necessary and important, so it can be hard to see what we should cut out. That is definitely something to pray about.

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