Penciling in God

I pencil God in on Sundays,

10:15 is when I’m bringing my crew.

I pencil God in on Holidays,

It’s the right Christian thing to do.

I pencil God in at bedtime,

Falling asleep before finishing my prayers.

I pencil God in the next morning,

To finish telling Him my worries and cares.

I pencil God in when my life,

Brings me crashing down to my knees.

And my mirror breaks into a million shards,

No longer reflecting a life full of peace.

I pencil God in when I’m concerned,

And control no longer seems mine.

I pencil God in when I’m pleased,

And life seems to be going just fine.

I pencil God in when I’m driving,

And a song reaches into my soul.

I belt out and sing of His praises,

My voice wavering out of control.

I pencil God in when it’s convenient,

Or when my mind wanders over to Him.

But my God’s pencil is broken,

His thoughts of me never a whim.

He carries no lead or eraser,

His calendar cleared open and wide.

Waiting for me to turn and see Him,

But my schedule makes me push Him aside.

My pencil is fervently writing,

All that I am required to do.

And time is just too precious,

To sit quietly and listen to His truths.

So the day my pencil slows to a stand still,

And my life is nearer to the end,

Will the moments I scheduled be remembered,

Or the times I introduced Christ to a friend?

Will the deadlines be oh so important,

Or the marks I made when they were complete?

Or the times when I faced my Savior,

While I sat and listened at His feet?

It’s time that I broke my pencil,

Making it look exactly like God’s.

No eraser or lead to speak of,

No appointment getting all of my nods.

I need to look up to my Savior,

Every minute of every day.

And put my life on the path He has chosen,

And throw my calendar away.

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