Why do we fear?

We hold the means to fight for our peace.

We hold the means to fight for our peace.

Worry and Anxiety. Why do we willingly sit at the alter and watch the marriage of these two? We wrangle our problems out of God’s hands, sling them across our backs, and let them drag in the dirt behind us while we attempt to move forward. For some reason we feel more in control when we take control. Snatching our worries and concerns away from the One who is omniscient, omnipresent, and all powerful is not God’s plan for us.

When we feel that we either know better how to handle them or deserve to be miserable because of them, that is not from God. That’s from our enemy. In the armor that God provides and Jesus willingly died for us to have, several pieces provide our defense but only one allows us to fight back. The Word of God is our sword.

When we open its pages, we become sword wielding Ninjas with insight to know where and when to point it at our enemy. Let the love and strength of God’s Word pour over you as you release your fingers around the sack you are carrying and grasp the handle of the sword that is now revealed to you. Become aware of the coolness of the blade and trust that it will protect you from what the enemy is trying to take away–your peace.

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