Unwrap your gifts and use them.

Presents are meant to be unwrapped and used. Have you opened yours?

Presents are meant to be unwrapped and used. Have you opened yours?

You are given gifts.  When God formed you in His hands, He bestowed upon you a specific set of gifts.  He was sending you into a dark world that breaks his heart every second of every day.  It is temporarily occupied by Satan who is free to do what Satan does best—deceive, disarm, and devour.

God designed for you specific gifts and talents that no one in the world possesses.  They can only be used by you and were created with only you in mind.  God wants you to use your gifts as beacons of light piercing through the darkness so you and others are able find our way back to Him.

Satan sees your gifts and he hates them.  He convinces you that your gifts and talents are small and insignificant.   Seriously, they can’t be that great, right?  He will do whatever it takes to keep you from using your gifts to their full potential because he has experienced the powerful results when we use our gifts for God’s glory.

He aims fiery darts of distractions, fears, and confidence busters to keep your gifts hidden from view.  He wants you to store them in the steam trunk forever and never have any inkling of the way your gifts can truly transform others.  Hold up your shield of faith.  Put your trust in our mighty God who desires for your gifts to shine light and hope.

What are your gifts?  Have they been hidden for so long you don’t remember what they look like?  Do they seem trivial and unworthy of even being dusted off and used?  Have you been criticized before or told your gifts are silly? Your faith shield is given to you to put a halt to these fiery darts of doubt and allows God to use you in a powerful way.  Trust in Him and see what God can do with what He gifted you before you entered into your mother’s womb.

Not sure what your gifts are?  Call upon our Holy God who loves you so very much and ask Him to help you unwrap your gifts and see what is inside.  The creator of the universe gave you a gift.  It must be something pretty special.

5 thoughts on “Unwrap your gifts and use them.

  1. That’s a good word, I keep wanting people to understand that only they can fulfill a specific purpose in this life that God has for them. I love how you bring in that God’s heart aches every day for us, you have that tenderness of heart that is so rare. You help keep me sharp as a writer too, thx!

  2. Amen. The gifts He has given us is to share with others. It was never meant for us to hold on and not use them.

    Great devotional, have a blessed day.

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