Who Was Your Greatest Influence and Why?

4 thoughts on “Who Was Your Greatest Influence and Why?”

  1. I think C.S. Lewis and Viktor Frankl had the greatest influence on my life. I was angry at life and God. I was angry about suffering – my own and the millions of others.

    The book, “The Problem of Pain,” (Lewis), and “Man’s Search for Meaning,” (Frankl), helped me understand suffering.

    1. What a gift. It is impressive that in the midst of your anger, you still sought out wisdom to help you understand. Thank you for sharing these books. I haven’t heard of them, and they sound like a great resource! It’s been my greatest struggle to praise during the pain. I tend to hunker down in my cave and not come out until it passes. God has been tenderly teaching my a better way. I will check these out. Thank you so much!

  2. I think my writing instincts were verified when I took World Lit in High School. I can still feel the effect of all those stories from around the globe but mostly Europe, U.S. The Diary of Samuel Pepys (U.K.) stands out as after I read it I realized that was how I dealt with life, I felt such a kinship with his writing style, even enjoyed his personal observances. Writing memories are important. Thanks for sharing!

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