The Sluggard Within

I am sharing an incredible sermon by Rick Hodshire given at my church this past weekend. We are making our way through Proverbs and Proverbs challenges us to live a life of discipline and avoid the consequences of being a sluggard. We should be using our time intentionally and leaving the excuses behind.

I really needed this sermon. I’m trying to be disciplined and consistent in my writing and constantly battling the sluggard within. I have now involved my best friend in prayer and commissioned my early rising husband to literally make sure I’m standing upright and out of bed at 5:00 AM! He’s a brave man who is using his area of strength to help in my desires to be intentional. I prefer the sun to be positioned overhead when I wake up, but the morning is when I am most productive. I’m sleeping through and stealing time away from all that God is asking me to do.

Are you also battling your inner sluggard? This sermon has a lot of tips and truths that will guide you into God’s will for a purposeful life.


4 thoughts on “The Sluggard Within

  1. I’ve asked God to remind me to take extra time to pray and read during the day. I’m retired, so I have more time than those who work. He does remind me. Sometimes it means stopping a computer game or reading a book, but I’m so glad he does it.

    1. It’s funny how sometimes the reasons I choose to not to be intentional seem so important until I feel that loss from going my own way. I just feel empty. If I start my day in His Word, it’s like a fresh drink of water. Why do we battle this? I think our enemy is pretty deft at making us believe the lie that we don’t have any time to make for God. I am right there with you!

  2. I keep a journal and it helps keep me intentional. Sometimes I’m so busy I can’t think, then my writing sifts thru what’s important & what’s not so I can ‘reset’ re-align my activities. I’ve found if I don’t get the right rest time, I’m a mess, it sets my mental,, hormonal, etc clock off Blessings on your road!

    1. Thank you! It definitely is a road and we are all on it. I learn so much from other’s like you who offer ideas. That is the best part about being on these intentional roads with other people. It’s easier in numbers!

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