Memes for Christ: The Wise are the Rich

We should be seeking out God–not things. His ways should be our ways because to live a life after Him means we are seeking wisdom. We tend to migrate towards the light that wise people cast off and their names are always well respected. When we choose God, we are choosing wisdom. Being wise far exceeds any wealth that silver and gold may bring.


4 thoughts on “Memes for Christ: The Wise are the Rich

  1. I was very fortunate to become a Christian in a large house church in 1970…where the main teacher said “don’t follow me…or we will both fall into the ditch.” And to not follow or lift up people…but only Jesus Christ. The main theme of the teaching there was that if the believer can be connected to Jesus through good Bible teaching…then God is able to take it from there into a full-blown adventure of faith after the pattern of the biblical narrative stories of faith.

    Certainly wise and articulate Christian leaders deserve our respect for the price they pay to discover the all truth of John 16:13…piece by piece…large and small…but only Jesus has Life and power through His blood shed on the cross.

    Good post…short…but very good.

    1. Very well said. The more we cleave to the Bible, the less we will cleave to the world. It truly is a journey-one I have to renew with each dawning of the day. When I forget to ask for HIs grace and wisdom still thinking I am covered from yesterdays, I definitely fall into the ditch.

      I so appreciate your comments!!

  2. Being wise gets you thru many tough patches so you rise to the top, instead of falling short all the time.

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