Is God allowed inside?

6 thoughts on “Is God allowed inside?”

  1. Wow, what an amazing thought! I agreed with that truth, but I guess I never pondered on that in such depth. Amen! 😀

    1. It really bowled by over when I read that scripture. Knowing we are completely inside out with God makes me not want to hide so much. It actually gave me some peace, and I pray it did for you as well!!

      1. Yes! That’s such a profound thought too, because most never see that particular verse that way. They forget to see God’s love through that verse; even though He sees it all, He also can forgive it all, and through that we can try our best even when we fall. <3 It sure did! I'm thankful you shared it! 😀

        1. Thank you for your great comment! It is funny how you can read a verse one day and the next it has a new meaning. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I prefer New King James too, to keep close to the original intent. I follow TV ministries that talk about God dwelling inside, that concept of the Holy Spirit being so close to me, brings me joy. I often have to call His name and say ‘thanks’, or ‘send me your word on this issue, Father’. Thanks for writing things that pulls stuff out of us!

    1. I love your writing, too, Diane! What a gift we all get to share with each other. I love learning new perspectives that make me think deeper and with more clarity. This blogging world is a gift.

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