Do I Hang a Left or Right?

prov 22 12

It can sometimes be difficult to trust that God’s plans are the right plans. This is especially true when those who are not following God’s plans appear to have an easier path than what is chartered for us.

The smooth and unobstructed pathway for those who don’t seek wisdom presents a blind curve that gives no hint as to what lies ahead.

God promises to be bless those who continue on the path He has laid out for them. When we are struggling, we too don’t know what is behind the curve up ahead. We just know we are asked to be faithful and intentional and God will bless our efforts.

Would you choose to face the unknown bend in the road by following your own path or God’s path? Knowing that God’s promises are true, it is better to travel down a difficult trail with God than sliding on thin ice without Him.


5 thoughts on “Do I Hang a Left or Right?

  1. Sometimes others seem to be so carefree, w/o a problem, but we all have to learn character, and trust the path God gives us holds the best plan. We can get mixed up thinking life should always be rosy. You don’t know till later that the person w/o a rudder is so powerless when hard times come. .

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