We Can Never Dream Bigger Than Our God

6 thoughts on “We Can Never Dream Bigger Than Our God”

  1. I love how our amazing Heavenly Father does that, every week when I sit and write the post for my blog He does this to me too!
    I remember when I was writing my books I had all these things I wanted to include & He kept saying no! Then it all flowed so beautifully.
    It’s not our readers we need to write for but God! He is our greatest audience & all others will follow!

    1. Thank you for that encouragement! I’m always if afraid of disappointing Him or getting it wrong. Knowing He is helping to mold our worship of Him through words is a huge relief!

      1. When we put Him in charge of our lives, He doesn’t disappoint nor do we need to worry that we will get it wrong or disappoint Him, as He guides & directs! He wants us to relax & enjoy the journey with Him of the process of writing. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing how it really works, we MUST listen to God …. His suggestions give us the best ideas we could have! He knows how, in your instance, you must have a knack for going to the Psalms for inspiration, but you may think, ‘my readers will think that’s boring or whatever’, but we won’t. He knows US too! Our needs. Blessings on you new book!

    1. You are always so insightful and encouraging! I never thought about it like that!! That definitely helps propel me forward. Blessings!!

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