In Our Schools, Who Will Win – Our Culture or Our God?

10 thoughts on “In Our Schools, Who Will Win – Our Culture or Our God?”

  1. Great post Crista we have the same issues here as well,
    Secularism & heddonism have bought in what we have today!

    Everyone needs boundaries, they give security, respect & order…especially Godly ones, when these are taken away anarchy results…

    1. You are so right. I like your word security. That is eroding all of the time. Tomorrow I will pray over the students that come, I just wish that wasn’t the exception, but the rule.

      1. Yes, I always prayed before I saw each patient/client it was a part of my patient note prep before they came into my room for a session. I also always anoint with oil & pray over the doorways of my clinic & counseling rooms when I start new premises! That God’s Holy Spirit will be present…& any who enter will feel His love, peace & serenity.

        Without exception, each patient/client would comment on the serenity & peace they felt as they walked through those doors every time. And many of them were adolescents!

        1. That is wonderful!!! Your clients are so lucky. I feel the peace of just you describing it. We’ve thought about touching each locker and praying over it.

          1. Thank you for your kind words! His peace surpasses all understanding! 🙂

            Love your idea! Go for it!
            My husband Steve felt called about 10 years ago to have a season of getting up early each morning & walking the streets praying for our area, he did 5 miles each morning around the area.
            There was a definite change…drug dealers were starting to come into the area amongst other issues.
            That has all had positive change now! Prayer to our Heavenly Father through His Son in the power of His Holy Spirit is a mighty force! He answers mightily!

  2. So excellent! I love this: “The Bible can not be totally erased, no matter how much our culture tries. It and we will one day have to account for our actions. Many things need to change, and it needs to begin with the first verse our society decided to cross out:

    “And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” Thank you, Crista!

  3. This is just over the top perfectly written!! Yes, we educators ‘see’ all this going on thru the decades! You are so right, many blessing for saying this truth!

    1. Thank you so much. God’s voice is so drown out in our schools. It’s very obvious. It breaks my heart.

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